Personal Training

Personal Martial Arts Training with World Champion Mike Smith at
Michael A. Smith Martial Arts Studio

Unlock the secrets to championship-level martial arts with exclusive personal training
sessions led by World Champion Mike Smith at Michael A. Smith Martial Arts Studio!

Key Training Components:
1. Kata Training:

o Immerse yourself in the artistry and precision of kata, guided by a world-
class champion.

o Perfect your form, enhance fluidity, and learn advanced techniques under
the tutelage of a seasoned expert.

2. Heavy Bag Work:

o Develop explosive power, speed, and impeccable striking techniques
through specialized heavy bag sessions.
o Gain valuable insights from a World Champion to refine your kicks,
punches, and combinations.

3. Mitt Work:
o Elevate your accuracy, reflexes, and timing with personalized mitt work led
by the champion himself.
o Fine-tune your striking combinations and defensive maneuvers under the
guidance of a martial arts legend.

4. Shadow Sparring:
o Experience intense and strategic shadow sparring sessions tailored to
championship-level performance.
o Learn tactical awareness, footwork, and positioning from a seasoned

Why Choose Personal Training at Michael A. Smith Martial Arts Studio?
World-Class Expertise: Train with a recognized world champion in a studio
known for excellence.
• Personalized Feedback: Receive direct feedback and corrections from World
Champion Mike Smith to refine your techniques.
• Exclusive Opportunity: Limited slots available for this unique training
experience with a martial arts legend.
• Inspiration and Motivation: Gain motivation and insights from Mike Smith’s
personal journey to success.

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sessions with World Champion Mike Smith. Elevate your skills, embrace the champion
mindset, and set yourself on the path to martial arts greatness!
Train with a Champion – Unleash Your Potential! ��

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• Address: 550 Gus Hipp Blvd, Suite 4, Rockledge, FL 32955