Family Karate

Family Karate Classes

We are committed to supporting parents in developing their children. We partner with you to teach children lessons that last a lifetime:

The Family Karate class is challenging and exciting, teaching basic blocks, strikes, kicks, punches and stances. Students learn Japanese Okinawan forms (kata) of the Yoshukai International Karate system and sparring techniques with a blend of European Kickboxing. Class is led by Sensei Mike Smith and assisted by his certified black belts, experienced in teaching and competition.

Mike Smith has competed nationally and internationally with world class martial artists and on one of the elite teams in the nation, Metro All Stars, culminating in a World Championship title through WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) in 1995, Stuttgart, Germany. Mr. Smith has been teaching in Brevard County for more than 30 years. He invites you to stop in for our Free 1-Week trial in considering a martial arts program to fit your family.