Staying Open to Serve You

With Brevard County Schools closed over the coronavirus, we know that you’re looking for a way to keep things as normal as possible and keep your family safe. Your family’s safety is our first priority, and we’re taking every possible step to make sure that we provide the best environment for your children .

We know that the school closings, and uncertainty about the next couple of weeks, has people feeling a little uncertain – we believe that you deserve support from an environment and staff you trust, and that’s why Michael A. Smith, Inc is here to support you.

We’ve invested heavily in additional cleaning and disinfecting products and will be posting all of our cleaning protocols, as well as recommendations from the CDC, about how to keep yourself as safe as possible. Students take additional measures, in all of our environments, to wash their hands and minimize contact with each other, and to train effectively while staying as safe as possible.

We have created a plan to effectively serve your family in an environment that you can trust sending your children to. We will update you of any changes to this plan as things develop that you have a place you trust to send your children  during the next couple of weeks. Obviously, this plan is subject to change based on how the situation develops and we will always keep you updated on the latest plans.

During the time that schools are closed, we’ll be offering services for you to take advantage of:  Spring Camps and Evening Karate Classes. Here’s a more information about each environment:


Each day when your child arrives, they’ll be greeted by our well-trained staff, will ensure that each student washes their hands upon walking in and keep their shoes on throughout the day, wear soaks during karate classes.

We’ll be breaking children  up into small groups in order to keep proper distance between students to the best of our ability. We’ll have a designated area set up for children  to store their lunches and snacks and they’ll immediately wash their hands upon entry and again every hour at designated times.

Please make sure that your child brings all the necessary items (laptop, tablet, books, etc) that they will need to complete their schoolwork. We will provide internet access and will also make sure that all school resources are appropriately sanitized between uses.

We’ll also have one hour of karate and exercise each day. Classes will be designed to minimize contact with each other. We won’t use any training equipment that requires students to hold targets for each other. After classes, we’ll clean all of our heavy bags and Wave Masters with disinfectant.

We’ll also have game time, arts and crafts, and other activities, to make sure that your children are making the most of their time with us – staying active, staying focused, and having fun!

We will require that students bring at least 2 water bottles to the camp environments because we will be closing off access to our water fountains for safety.

At any time during the day, if children  start to feel unwell for any reason, they’ll be separated and parents and you will be contacted to pick them up. If your child’s temperature is higher than 99.5, they will not be permitted to be in the building.

Please note, that now more than ever, spaces are limited for these camps.


Our evening class schedule will run as normal with a revised curriculum to limit physical contact.

Instructors will check students into class rather than students checking themselves in.

We will also be ending classes 4-5 minutes early to allow time for us to disinfect any equipment used during class before the next class begins.


Our first and only concern is the safety and health of our students, staff, and families. We have taken every possible measure to provide the safest environment for your children  – we know that you still have obligations and places you need to be during this time and we want to make it as easy as possible for obligations at this time your family.

Our main priority is to keep the lines of communication open between Michael A Smith, Inc and the families we serve – we’ll continue to update you with our plans, any changes in our schedule, and any adjustments we make as the situation develops.

Thank you for putting your faith in us – we’re parents ourselves, and we know that the decisions you make about where you send your children, and who you trust to look after and serve your children are them, the most important decisions you make.

We’ll see you in class.