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How often will I test for a new belt?2017-10-31T15:58:32+00:00

Belt testing is a very individual thing. Beginners may test as often as 4 times per year. The higher you go in belt rankings, the less frequently you will test. Advanced students may only test 1-2 times per year. Only students who have met minimum attendance requirements and have the recommendation of an Instructor will be considered for belt promotion.

We are not “belt pushers” and do not promote students simply because they want to test. We have worked hard to maintain a strong reputation by working with each individual to help them prepare and to ensure that they test only when they are ready. Martial Arts training is a very individual activity and we will make every effort to help you live up to your fullest potential. You will never be required to test, put in a position to test if you are not prepared, or compared to other students.

Do I have to buy a uniform (Gi)2018-03-27T00:59:10+00:00

Not right away. Students may wear sweatpants and tee shirt while in the free trial week. Students must wear a MAS Gi once they have officially registered. Once you decide to purchase a Gi, we can help you select the best size.  Gi’s are purchased at the dojo.